Why Do We Use Brightwheel?

Provides Greater Opportunity for Open Communication

Our staff uses the Brightwheel app to let parents know what their children are doing while they are away from them and when they are doing it. We do this by posting updates about each child to the app. Sometimes these updates will even include photos and videos so that parents can still be a part of their child’s daily achievements. This allows parents to have confidence in knowing that their child is being taken care of and being given proper attention.


For more detail, check out these app screenshots!


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IMPORTANT: Use the email address you provide to us.

What you can expect from brightwheel

  • More, real-time visibility into your child’s day with
    photos, videos, and updates
  • An easier way to stay connected to your child’s learning and development
  • A safer environment for our students and staff through contactless check-in/check-out, entry screens, and health checks
  • Easy online tuition payments
  • A single app for you to stay connected to all aspects of our center

What’s next

Be on the lookout for an invitation to join our center on brightwheel! The invitation will include a link for you to set up your account.

See you there!

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