As children hear and learn to reproduce sounds, their developing brains allow them to make sense of the language and they discover that certain sounds and words fit together in meaningful ways. 

Childhood is the opportune time to introduce each child to a second language. We integrate Spanish into our regularly scheduled play and circle time activities. Children learn language best through experiencing it naturally, by being immersed in it.

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A Spanish immersion program is a great option for English-speaking families who want to give their child the gift of bilingualism. Spanish is a useful language to know, not only in the United States but also to travel all over the world. 

Spanish Immersion is also a good option for children who have at least one Spanish-speaking parent to retain their Spanish skills beyond preschool years. Families who speak Spanish at home report that children lose their motivation to speak the language once they are surrounded by English only. By surrounding your child with Spanish language and culture throughout early years, you will increase the chances that he/she will continue to speak Spanish for life.  

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Wunderkind difference

Our Approach to Learning

Wunderkind embraces the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning. The Reggio Emilia philosophy believes each child is deeply curious and full of potential. By allowing children to have a voice and learn at their own pace, their curiosity will drive them to understand their world and their place in it. Teachers are to act as their “research partners” and will guide them in activities based on their interests in a supportive and enriching environment.
Reggio inspired activities are designed to help children learn and discover, build self confidence, and develop critical thinking and social skills.

Learning Through Natural Discovery

The physical environment is crucial in our Reggio Emilia school and your child will consider the environment itself to be
a teacher.

We believe that children’s creativity and learning process is very much influenced by their environment. We utilize both indoor and outdoor environments with the purpose of teaching with intention and children learning through play.

Our intentional teaching strategies provide provocation and open-ended resources resulting in endless imaginations, and play teaches children how to think creatively, solve problems, and discover what they love.

Health and Safety​

At Wunderkind we make your child’s health and safety our top priority. 

Our standards are the highest in the industry, meeting or exceeding all local and state guidelines.

All of our early education classrooms include: