Guiding Toddlers’ Journey of Self Construction

(18 months – 3 years old)

Your toddler has a once in a lifetime opportunity to absorb information from the environment, like a sponge. Our classroom environments are built specifically to ensure optimal learning based on the sensitivities and interests of the toddler child.

Reggio Emilia toddler classrooms are simple and slower-paced. Each item in the environment is chosen carefully and purposefully, considering all the ways the child moves within the space – tables and chairs are toddler-sized, the shelves are the right height, each item a child needs to aid independence is available and accessible. Our toddler guides are nurturing, patient, loving and understand the immense responsibility they have in helping to guide the child’s work of self-construction through independence.

To help guide children’s learning, each classroom environment is set up with learning materials that sensorially and concretely aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration so she can acquire the executive functioning skills for independence, building a foundation for meaningful and impactful learning throughout her life.

The Prepared Environment

Wunderkind toddler classrooms are simpler and slower paced than the preschool classroom. Tables and chairs are smaller and the teacher-child ratio is lower (1:6).

The atmosphere is positive, supportive and non-competitive – and includes a lot of singing and physical movement. The toddler  materials are specifically structured to meet the developmental needs of toddlers and to support their need for purposeful activity.

Our toddler classroom focuses on two main areas, language development and acquiring skills for independence and social interactions.

A young child has a special aptitude for learning certain things:


Schedule & Daily Routines