A Cozy Home Away From Home for Infants

(2-18 months)

The infant care program at Wunderkind.

At Wunderkind our infant classrooms are designed to be peaceful and loving spaces. Our teachers speak in gentle tones, the daily pace is unhurried, and the décor is understated and homelike. Each child in our care is an individual to be nurtured with affection and respect.

The age range for our infant program is from 6 weeks to 18 months. After the age of 18 months a child may begin his transition to the toddler program. Move-up ages may vary by several months depending on the individual needs of the child.

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The Infant Environment

Each of our Infant rooms supports the child’s development of the movement, independence, and capacity for active exploration. Because an infant’s brain is wired for language acquisition, our environments offer rich opportunities for babies to learn through plenty of reading, singing, sign language and a running dialogue as your child’s caregivers explain the events of your child’s day.

In our Infant environment, there are special mobiles and images to stimulate brain development, as well as a variety of tactile objects for children to explore. Because this is the period when infants learn to roll over, sit, scoot, crawl and potentially walk, the room has many opportunities for movement.

There are striking differences between a Reggio Emilia Infant environment and other, more traditional daycare settings: our babies do not spend their active hours in playpens, jumpers, walkers or other containers. Instead, in our Infant rooms you will see: 

For the older infants, where crawling and newly walking babies have their hands free for exploration, you will see… 


All of our environments have several special features that also set them apart from typical daycare settings:


• We use low tables and chairs, instead of high chairs, for snacks and solid meals. We believe this provides young children with valuable first experience at gaining independence with self-feeding.

• Tranquil nap space designed to ensure a quality rest when babies need it.

•An indoor space designed especially for infants, with soft surfaces and a variety of spaces to explore, plus equipment to climb over and through. We also have multi-child strollers for taking infants on regular “buggy rides” so they can see more of the world.

♥ We support breastfeeding! Our Infant rooms welcome mothers who would like to nurse their baby during midday visits.

Schedule & Daily Routines
Most infants follow a routine, though not necessarily a strict schedule, that allows for feeding, active time, and nap. This routine repeats itself throughout the day and provides important predictability for young children. In our Infant environments, we maintain a consistent rhythm outlined by parents that respond to each child’s needs and complements what parents do at home.


Fully established Infant environments have a maximum of 12 infants and 3-4 adults, one of whom is also the Room Leader. While we strive to maintain a 3:1 ratio throughout the day, there are moments when we will need to provide care at a 4:1 ratio to allow for teacher breaks. Though your child will interact with all teachers in the classroom on a daily basis, the classroom’s Lead Guide will be the main point of contact for parent communication regarding your child.